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 What Are the Troop Types?

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PostSubject: What Are the Troop Types?   Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:25 pm

Basic strategy part I
So, the first thing you need to know is that Defense trumps Offense in a straight out battle...


City guards -Do Not Recruit These Yet! They are for palaces and water castles, The more city guard houses you have the faster you can recruit them and if you bother you want like 500k of them they eat v. little food but cannot go anywhere.

Rangers - this is a great defensive unit, also good at raiding. best because they are cheap, easy to make, and good for raiding. You want to make many cities and castles full of these. However, the only weakness they have is Knights.

Templar - Good for defense against magic

Paladins - Best for defense against magic, horrible at raiding tho most players use them to attack. (PvP)

Guardians - Good at defending against cavalry. Weak Vs. Infantry

Crossbowman - better Than guardians when it comes to Calvery. Crossbowmen are the more serious defense if you want to kill knights. Mages will crush them if they are by themselves.

Scouts- Great for scouting and defending against scouting. It can block an enemy from seeing inside your city or troop types and strenght(TS). Its a huge bonus to you if they cant predict whats inside your city, and how much. Scout and scout often, sometimes two or three times, as enemies many purposly move troops out of the city to avoid being seen.

Sloops - It takes alot of resourses, and Barracks space, but if your making a Water Defense City. These bad boys will make your day. They are good raiding tools, and if you beef up the city with Ballista, Your Water Casltes will be safer. War Galleons(Which are mentioned below) are totally Weak against these two troop Types.

Offense-I'll only do the 5 basic units

Zerks - The first Basic infantry. The Attack rating is pretty good and like rangers they prove useful in raiding. I will add that you need to research them!

Mages - They eat out the ass. However they are the Strongest Offensive unit in the game. The Strategy for mages are to send knights firsts, then Mages, Then Zerks to finsh off. There are other ways too. Also note that Mages are the Worse Defensive Unit In The Game.

Knights - Excellent at killing everything except crossbowmen and guardians, so before you assault or siege with knights, scout!

Frigates- Thank god for a across sea troop transport! Frigates are useful in transporting units when you want to attack in a Water Castle all HardCore looking. Use zerks when attacking with Frigates. 1 Frigates Carries 200 Troops. Bye itself however its a defensive unit more powerful than a Sloop. But its main job is transpoting units.. remember that

War Galleons- It is what it says - These can crush a city nicely, but unfortunately they take awhile to make. They are NOT used for clearing cities, but for destorying them, therefore 7pting the city. (7pt means destroy everthing but the caslte and TownHall, which is just downgraded.) War Galleons are used on Sea to destroy water Castles. The Weakness is Sloops, and Ballista.

Catapults- Are the Land verison of a War Galleon, tho less powerful but can still do damage when researched. Two waves of 250kTS cats can reduce a city from 12k to 7pt in two or 2.5 waves. But they are very weak if there is any defense, so you must clean the city first.
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What Are the Troop Types?
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