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 Seiging Casltes

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PostSubject: Seiging Casltes   Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:40 pm

Now baron ready means a castle has both a trinsic temple and a moonglow and can therefore produce a baron. If you are trying to take a castle you must have a baron.
There are only 3 reasons to ever siege
1) to capture a castle
2) to crush a castle with siege equip
3) to hold their forces within the castle while an assault wave arrives (For instance if they have been using raids to get away.)

If you plan to crush a castle, there is no reason to capture it. Do not crush while capturing, there is no reason. If you need to crush it later, THEN ask a team mate to help you out, otherwise it is pointless. Siege engines do not enhance POWER OF CLAIM.
POC increases during a siege normally by 10% per hour. If you do research it goes up, and as login as you are winning. If they are winning or during night protection it goes down and can reverse. Your baron may die and you lose it altogether.
NOTE - you CAN lose a castle to a teammate if both have POC and one follows up without cancelling, and you CAN be sieging at the same time as an enemy alliance and not know it and suddenly be at war with them if one of you conquers -this happens a LOT with lawless castles.

So to review... if you are trying to HURT the enemy only, use ASSAULT. If to help yourself, use Plunder. If for those 3 reasons above, use Siege.

Now about timing.
#1, you must always check diplomacy. #2 you make a post that you PLAN to siege. You find a team-mate to help.
Then you scout, and scout again if it seems uncertain or tricksy. With n00bs no need for a 2nd scout.
Then you assault, twice. Once that same day, and then once again in the am
Set the assault to 10:00:01
Set your sieges to 10:00:02

Rememeber! Sending it After 10pm or Before 10AM will reduce attack power!

You may want to repeat an assault at 11AM and 12PM b/c they will send support.

If you plan to crush the castle, let your first waves of assaults and sieges happen then start crushing about noon.

You want to cancel sieges of actively defended castles by midnight. Support typically arrives in the AM if not there before that and you can awake to find out you lost everything.

Again, use scouts and assaults often. This game is about wearing the enemy down. You wear on them and wear on them, and even scout their plex to find out what is supply/which is the hub and you plunder that repeatedly.

WORK AS A TEAM. When it's n00bs that's one thing. But real WAR is a team effort.

This reminds me, review your TDK buttons and recognize that the ATTACK button is an assault. Not a plunder. If you click it and send out rangers, be very aware that it could go very badly.

NOTE - TDK SIEGE button does not send a baron but ATTACK does!!

Which brings up the combat calulator again. Use it!

On top of that, if you start WAR you are also responsible for defending other players. So you need to make sure that support is sent to the neighbors of the enemy, who will undoubtedly PLUNDER your allies.

The following is the proper order for taking a castle:

scout scout assault assault assault siege plunder-scout siege siege assault siege siege siege assault siege siege WIN!

You may want to add more Plunders. Change it up a bit if need be. n00bs wont require all this work. What a Face
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Posts : 27
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PostSubject: Combat Calculator   Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:45 pm

Thanks to some friends!


It'll look tough at first, but its pretty easy to handle

Fractional units are a probabilty of an extra unit dying, ie 30.45 units killed will be 30 killed plus a 45% chance of an extra one dying.
Research % should be the total you have researched at the city (0-50) plus and bonus you get from your alliance palaces (0-50) for a total of 0-100, only enter numbers, dont include a % or any other letters or symbols
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Seiging Casltes
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