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 For Conquest Worlds

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PostSubject: For Conquest Worlds   Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:06 pm


The conquest process on a revolt world:

1. Revolt Attack Once you've researched conquest, and even before you have a colony ship for takeover/colonisation, you can launch a special type of attack called a Revolt Attack. When you select the target and click all the appropriate units to configure your attack, you'll see two square selection boxes at the bottom. The default is normal attack (spear in a yellow-orange box). Click the other, showing 2 people whispering. That's the Revolt Attack.

When your forces hit, they'll fight as normal. IF they win, clearing all land forces (even if some ships are left), the city enters 1st stage revolt.

2. First Stage Revolt Lasts 12 hours. Nothing really happens or stops happening. The city can be attacked as normal, and other players can still put it into revolt (a city can be in revolt to an unlimited number of players at the same time) - but the 1st stage can't be interrupted or restarted (unless someone else conquers the city during the 12 hours, in which case the revolt is cancelled). For your first conquest, and generally if you're attacking at fairly close range, you will launch your Colony Ship and its supporting land and sea forces in this period.

3. Second Stage Revolt Begins at 12:00:01 (i.e. 12 hours and one second after 1st stage revolt begins) - and also lasts 12 hours. It is in this second period that you can land your CS and take the city. So overall the conquest process takes between 12 hours and 24 hours at close range.

4. Conquest Attack Lands during 2nd stage revolt. Always ensure your CS is strongly escorted by all of your available offensive ships (light ships) and land units.

Later in the game you'll sometimes attack over longer distances; it's possible to launch your CS up to 48 hours before the conquest, and put the target city in revolt between 12 and 24 hours before landing.

TECHNIQUE There are some important techniques to bear in mind. 1/ best for your CS to hit just as 2nd stage begins, because keeping the whole process short minimises the enemy reaction (you may face fewer biremes, for example); 2/ Both revolt and conquest attacks should be led in by a strong light ship force to ensure the harbour is clear. At this stage in the game, that's especially important ahead of the conquest attack as this is when the enemy is most likely to be reinforced with biremes. Don't have many light ships? Find a friend who does, and feel free to ask!; 3/ Before you configure your revolt or conquest attack, do try to get a spy report - someone else might have one already so ask around. This will allow you to select the right units, and spot a potential disaster before it happens and avert it. If in doubt, post a question here or PM an officer. 4/ Finally, combined ops are the way to go especially early in the game. Coordinate with colleagues to break down the defences - this allows you to take cities bigger than your own, leading to rapid expansion!
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For Conquest Worlds
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