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 Kingdoms at War

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PostSubject: Kingdoms at War   Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:05 pm

Hey it's UI. I would like to take a moment, to talk about a game I play....

Kingdom's at War is a Text-Based MMORPG. It's F2P, but has some pay-for content.

It has approximately 2 million players (I know, right?).

If you decide to start playing this game, you may notice some people talking about "The Old Days". This is when PW's, or Plunder War's, were allowed. A plunder war is where you have a war between 2 clans, one of the clans the OSF clan, the other, the attacking clan. The OSF's are aka Open Spy Farm. They are entirely spy stats, with no attack stats. The attacking clan hits them, and makes really large amounts of gold.

The game involves you discovering lands, and building stuff on them. The first land costs 5,000 gold. the last one cost's 300,000,000,000 (300 billion!!!) There are 2 sets of lands: The lowlands and the High Lands. The last highland is 300 bill, the last lowland is 3 bil. I am on the 5th land in the HL's, which costs 9 bil. I also have 3 other accounts, which aren't even LC (lowland complete).

There are a few styles of builds: OSF, OAF, Hansel, Pure Spy, and Hybrid. OSF and OAF are open spy farm and open attack farm. They were mostly used only during PW times. Hansel is where you have 2 or 3 atk builds, and the rest are spy builds (That's what I have on all my accounts). This gets you the most gold, the fastest. Pure Spy, basically a form of Hansel, is only 1 atk build. (technically, this is actually what I am). It gets a slighly larger amount of gold, but you don't have the atk stats of a hansel. Then Hybrid is around the same atk and spy stats. many people also consider guild heavy a build, but, tbh, it's not. it's the same thing as a hybrid, just slightly more spy that atk.

To replace PW's, A Thinking Ape (the creators of KaW) made EB's (epic battles). These are not very good for growing, to begin with. But at larger stats, you grow faster than PW's even. The Dev's of KaW, are now talking about taking away EB's, and making it strictly war. 90% of the players will quit if this happens, including myself.

But, if you want a full explanation, just play the game Smile Look me up. Ashaya2 is the name Smile or I have The_Banned_One, Drianikaben, and Lady_Mysterium (took over a friends account). Hope to see you there Smile
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Kingdoms at War
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