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 Trade Minister

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PostSubject: Trade Minister   Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:11 pm

Trade Minister

Never set target resource amount to max in the T.M.
If you set to max your T.M. will never ship resources OUT of the city to your hub. It will only purify.

For Castles

• WHILE it’s building, set Trade Minister to:

Group 1 - WG/SLP 250k/250k/250k/1.5m
Group 2 - Zerk/Knight/Temp/Pal/Mage/War 150/250/250/1.5m
Group 3 - Rang/XB 350/250/0/1.5m*

• WHEN it’s done building, set Trade Minister to:

Group 1 - WG/SL 250/100/100/1.5m
Group 2 - Z/K/T/P/Mg/War 100/100/250/1.5m
Group 3 - Rng/XB 300/100/0/1.5m*

*Rang/Guard - add 200k iron

All Castles have minimum 3 WH touching 1 Mill

Resource Cities

When your resource city is still building, the green bar on top will receive resources from the Hub and the bottom green bar will ship to hub.

When finished, change the top green bar to receive resources from No City and leave your bottom green bar on ship to "hub name".

Set your trade minister as

All resource cities (that have wood and stone) will be palace senders. They will have at a minimum:
5 Markets, Moonglow Tower, 1 warehouse

Food Cities:
Food cities are a different beast altogether. You need to pre-plan these based on the distance to your hub and how much they will create altogether.
This should be around 150k/hr. Here is the basic food city layout to start with

1:20 round trip or less = 1 marketplace.
1:20 - 2:40 hour round trip = 2 marketplaces.
2:40 - 4 hour round trip = 3 marketplaces.
4+ hour round trip research cart speed or find a different food spot.

Storage: No storage required in these cities as once they are done you set all res to 0 and let the minister ship to hub or castle all the time and you
never have to look at it again.

Palace Resources

Resource cities

When a palace enlightens you DO NOT ship to the palace from the hub that feeds your empire. If you ship from your hub your empire will be out of carts and your
troops will starve.

You ship from your completed resource cities. This will keep you growing actively and not hurt your economy in any way.

Movement hub
If you choose to you can put a movement hub near your regular hub so you can ship res to the palaces in bulk without dealing with res cities at all. The movement hub
should look like:

This hub does not feed an empire. It does NOT accept resources from or ship resources to anywhere via trade minister. You ship resources from your empire hub manually
to get it full... then it does nothing except wait for a palace to enlighten then offload all resources in one shot and you slowly fill it from your empire hub once
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Trade Minister
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