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 First City Guide

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PostSubject: First City Guide   Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:14 pm

Start with a city layout that includes these approximate resource numbers: 25-30kw 20-25ks 15-20ki 10-15kf

You also need at least these buildings: Town Hall lv8, Moonglow Tower lv10, Trinsic Temple lv10, Barracks lv1,
2 Marketplaces lv8&9 and a warehouse lv6 (that way you don’t need to get lv9 TH)

Your layout should look something like this: Can add more cottages or tweak it how you would like it best.

If you are going to use to create your city I recommend setting the sliders for food and gold to 0, then add 85 buildings and then
adjust your slider bars, in small increments, from there to get the exact numbers you would like. Then add your last buildings to get food and any gold you may want.

Follow the tutorial until its completion. Make sure you collect all rewards. If you don’t collect rewards you may bug your daily quest. There are also some items you will get that can be handy as well as a slew of resources.

Some hints:
*1* After making hideout and recruiting the 3 city guard you can cancel them right away to get those resources back as long as you collected the reward.
*2* After making training grounds and recruiting 5 berzerkers you can cancel them after collecting quest reward so you don’t lose the iron if you’re not using zerks.

*3* You can demolish Hideout, City Guard House, Trainings Grounds & Ranger Tower if you’re not going to use them.

When you start building, try to build slightly wood heavy early on. Cottages are not as important in the first few levels of town hall but how much wood and stone
you have incoming are ultra important

The most important thing is to make your city as efficient as possible. That means having too high a cs% is wasteful if you resources can not keep up with the demand.
Same vice versa, if you get too many res and don’t know what to do with it, work towards getting your cs% higher so you can make your city work at optimum efficiency.

Once your TH is 5 and ready to get to 6 I like to start to work on my cs% so that 6 and 7 will not take forever. After getting 6 probably best to add any extra cottages
you still need and start putting in more iron and farms to get that production started. Once 7 is complete make sure all those sawmills and stonemasons are placed. Level up
your resource buildings as needed to get ready for building level 8 and the long slow process of TT and MG to 10.

Get your Moonglow Tower up to 10 before the Trinsic Temple in order to maximize the amount of time between Earl lv1 and the time when you actually send your baron .
When you have TT10 and have recovered your iron to 50k and gold to 100k, you can start your baron production. You will need 100/100/25/25 in order to have him settle
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Posts : 27
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Join date : 2012-09-09
Age : 27
Location : Seattle,Wa

PostSubject: Note....   Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:15 pm

Expansion Note:

There is no need to upgrade your town hall past 8 until you have your first four cities placed, UNLESS you are on a continent which have very few alliance mates and
you are on water and want to move. If you want to move off a continent that will require a lvl10 townhall for harbors. Otherwise, you do not need the lvl 9 or lvl 10
Town Hall... YET.

By the numbers:

Moonglow tower to 10 costs 43,710 wood 87,420 stone.
Trinsic Temple to 10 costs 48,774 wood 97,550 stone.
1 Marketplace to 9 costs 35,080 wood 17,540 stone.
1 Marketplace to 8 19,880 Wood 9,940 stone.

That gives you ability to purify resources, build a baron, and have 250 carts.

The best way to get ahead in this game is to put as many as 2-4 cities out as fast as you can.

For you to upgrade your TH to 10 from 8 will cost you a grand total of 180,000 wood and 180,000 stone.

Those resources are much better spent getting a new city out and getting fresh buildings out in the new city
and you will spend less resources and get a bigger income flowing. To then after your 4th city you could start
upgrading townhall to 9 or 10 and getting the last 20 buildings.
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First City Guide
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